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Bondi gives you all the tools you need to build an online business the same way the world’s biggest publishers do.

Content Management

Bondi Editor, our advanced CMS, allows publishers to edit and curate content

Archive Module

Every issue, every article, every page you’ve ever published

Authentication & Paywall

Flexible paywall to integrate with multiple authentication systems

Subscription Management

Secure account, product and customer management

Online Advertising Tools

Easily integrate and manage ads for your online publication

Customizable Front-End

Bespoke custom and modular front-end options rich with functionality

Bondi IX

We capture every page you’ve ever published and convert data into rich and flexible XML

Brand Interpretation

Best-in-class creative execution, perfect for you and your audience

Email Marketing Tools

Engage your subscribers with flexible branded newsletter templates

[The Bondi-built] AD Archive will offer unprecedented access to the brand’s vast catalogue of print issues

Amy AstleyEditor-in-Chief, Architectural Digest

Once upon a time, archives required special dispensation and white gloves; they were hidden away in corners of libraries and the adjective most associated with them was 'dusty.' Not so in the digital age.

Radhika JonesEditor-in-Chief, Vanity Fair


Building a Paid Digital Audience

For magazines looking to develop a paid digital audience, Bondi provides powerful tools to deliver exclusive, premium archive content.

Our flexible paywall technology allows publishers to experiment and find the most effective offers that generate conversions.

  • Metered Article Paywall– offer new visitors free teaser content, for example: up to 5 articles every 30 days
  • Variable Paywall Options– choose what remains in front of, or behind, the paywall. Accelerate discoverability with the option to expose search and preview in front of the paywall
  • Specific Content Rules – Do you need certain content to be made available? For example, offer all issues on a subject or era free to the public for a limited time.


Your Archive Everywhere

You’ve put incredible work and resources into writing and publishing your print history. Now, all that classic content is available to editors for website, social, and email with the Bondi Platform. Bondi surfaces every article as a single, mobile-optimized HTML web page.

Offering much more than a ‘flip book’ magazine or PDF, we extract live text and images and render them beautifully. Your digital audience will enjoy this dynamic web experience on any desktop, tablet and mobile device.

  • Each article is web-friendly: searchable, shareable, and indexable, with SEO metadata
  • Accessible to keyboard users and screen readers. Bondi cares about ensuring everyone can access historic content
  • Touch-enabled full issue and single article magazine replica viewer allows browsing, zooming, and viewing high-resolution text and imagery in the original layout


Curate, Publish, and Share

To realize the full value of your archive, you need ultimate flexibility to find and publish relevant content quickly. Editors can curate and publish collections in real time based on current events, key content categories, and themes.

Deep granular faceting, sorting, and filtering can be customized to fit any scenario —need to facet by trend, designer, style, and color? We got you!

  • Curated Collections – With our framework, publishers can create topical article groupings of any kind, providing a bespoke, yet streamlined, workflow
  • User Collections – Users are most engaged when they have a personalized experience. We allow them to create and share personal collections that are viewable across devices
  • Pre-populated sharable links allow users to share articles or their collections across all major social networks


The Bondi Editor: Metadata Evolved

If you’ve ever tried to find an article in a stack of magazines or PDFs, you’ve quickly realized how frustrating that is without accurate tagging and indexing. At Bondi, we’ve developed an archive content management system over the past 15 years of solving this problem with clients.

The Bondi Editor allows publishers to quickly edit metadata, and curate and style archive content. Our media management tool supports custom taxonomies, relationships, keywords, and much more.

  • Intuitive interface makes updating metadata a breeze
  • Publication-specific parameters allow for custom keywords and tagging taxonomies
  • Edit metadata for all articles, media images, topics and author collections
  • Style typography, add dropcaps and quotes, embed inline images, clickable bookmarks, videos, and more
  • Custom user permissions allow for granular access

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